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Lonesome, restless, tortured souls in search of something they are most always never destined to find are what Bruce has always done best. Throw in Mid and Wild West landscapes, an isolated Mex Tex juke box oasis and a deserted motel and Bruce is like the proverbial pig in shit with his creative juices running as wild as they’ve ever been.

Bruce’s accent has changed. Especially in his singing. For years he adopted the infamous country-influenced ‘twang’. Although he seems to have dropped it ever since The Promise was released. Maybe listening, and in many cases adding vocals to, his old material has reconnected him to his older style.

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Similarly, they rearrange "Juke," with a funky groove into the contours of which Branch lays down his solo. LIVIN UP NORF’ (sixties style) (or the inane ramblings of a sixties Islington boy) Any mention of London’s East End to those not familiar with the capital immediately conjure up pictures of Whitechapel alleyways stalked by Jack the Ripper and Ron and Reggie.

be two classes of men in America after the war," he prognosticated. published "The Jukes," a sensational study of a rural family from the hill country of.. Palmer implied, dictated he emulate the examples they had set.162 In.. greasy anarchist attempts to put anything over on them, Ikey and Abie will stand him up.

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