Press One For English, All Others Hang-up

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Press 1 for English upcoming dates. July 4th L’Auberge casino promenade 8-12 july 6th americana summer concert series. This Saturday June 29th come party with Press 1 on the patio at Superior Grill mid city 6-10. See All.

"When Jesus gave His disciples a new commandment to ‘love one another; as I have loved you,’ (John 13:34), He gave to them the grand key to happiness in this life and glory in the next. "Love is the greatest of all the commandments–all others hang upon it. It is our focus as followers of the living Christ.

Will people get your voice mail when you just hang up after left msg? If you leave a message and don’t press anything, but just hang up, then yes, they will receive your voicemail.. some are up.

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Press 1 for English Rock / Classic Rock / Funk Baton Rouge, LA. Comedy Country DJ Dance Dubstep EDM Electronica Experimental Folk Funk Grime Hip Hop holiday house indie instrumental jam jazz Latin Metal Other Pop Punk R&B/Soul Rap Reggae Rock Rockabilly Singer Songwriter. Try one of the.

“We have all gotten used to working on a screen and to be able to move through things,” Quesenbery said. “The other thing is that if you have a long list [of candidates], an alphabetical list makes some sense, because if you know you want to vote for Elizabeth Warren, and you can read English.

PRESS 1 FOR ENGLISH, PRESS 2 TO HANG UP & CALL BACK WHEN YOU LEARN ENGLISH By Frosty Wooldridge July 17, 2006 Press 3 for the destruction of America’s most important national ‘glue’ if we lose our country’s language: English!

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